What Are Smokeless Cigarettes?

A Smokeless Cigarette is also known as Electronic Cigarettes, Electric Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes are Healthier Alternatives to Normal Cigarettes. They are Internal Battery Powered Devices which look, feel & taste like a real cigarette without the nasty, toxic, smelly smoke!

It’s identical to a REAL Cigarette except without any “REAL” smoke or the high cost!

Most importantly the sensation you receive is identical to that of smoking a real cigarette! The biggest difference is that they are a MUCH healthier alternative to cigarettes and can GREATLY assist you to Stop Smoking!

No Plan to Quit Smoking? Even if you have no plan to Stop Smoking, EVERY smoker should switch to Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes as they’re simply MUCH SAFER & CHEAPER than normal cigarettes while providing the EXACT SAME Feeling!

How Do Smokeless Cigarettes Work?

Each Electronic Smokeless Cigarette contains a battery, an atomizer (which heats to vaporize the liquid) and a cartridge filled with liquid nicotine. Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes don’t burn tobacco but instead create a nicotine vapor from the nicotine cartridge in the Cigarette every time you smoke it. It provides the full effect and sensation of smoking a real tobacco cigarette. Each cartridge is the equal to 12-20 cigarettes depending on smoking style. Cartridges are in-expensive and can easily be replaced.

There’s No Tar, No Tobacco and less than 1% of the toxicity of Normal Cigarettes! There’s no 2nd hand smoke either so you can smoke MUCH more safely in a house without poisoning others!

Smokeless Cigarettes VS Normal Cigarettes

  • NO Tar, Smoke, or Tobacco
  • NO Smelly Clothes or Furniture
  • NO Ash or Dealing with Ashtrays Anymore
  • NO Carbon Monoxide or Polluting the Environment
  • NO 2nd Hand Smoke Poisoning Children & Babies
  • NO Yellow Teeth or Bad Breath
  • NO Cancerous Substances (During the Burning of Tobacco there are Approximately 40 Cancerous Substances)
  • Smoke EVEN in Non-Smoking Areas
  • It’s a HOT Accessory and Some People Simply Smoke it for the Attention, however it’s amazingly discreet if you want it to be!

Wait!!! But the FDA says Smokeless Cigarettes Contain Propylene Glycol!

Electronic Cigarettes do contain a small amount of Propylene Glycol, however did you know NORMAL Cigarettes also contain Propylene Glycol + 600 other toxic ingredients, many of which are cancer causing! Did you also know that Propylene Glycol is in almost all hair products, shampoos & cosmetic products as well as being a common ingredient in food products!

Then WHY is the FDA making such a big deal out of nothing?

Simply put if EVERYONE switched today from Normal Cigarettes to Smokeless Cigarettes the tobacco industry would go broke. Big Tobacco is WELL aware of this and they make sure to give LARGE “Donations” to the FDA in order to knock out any competition. This is the identical story with the Drug Companies and the Natural Health Industry.

If you could smoke a cigarette that contained less than 1% of the toxic compounds of normal cigarettes would you still use it? If so, then why haven’t you begun using smokeless cigarettes already?

What Happens when you use Smoke a Smart Smoker Smokeless Cigarette?

  • The tip of the cigarette lights up as you inhale making it the most realistic smokeless cigarette on the market.
  • Simulated smoke is emitted as you exhale.  This is only vapor and evaporates in seconds.
  • A full charge will last for approximately one day depending on smoking style.

Are ALL Smokeless Cigarettes Created Equal?

The answer in short is NO!

A great deal of cheap imitation smokeless cigarettes are made in China. Smart Smoker Electronic cigarettes and many other reputable E-Cigarettes are Made in the UK and USA. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. ALL Brands we support are High Quality, Tested & Come with Money Back Guarantees.

The Bottom Line:

A Smokeless Cigarette is an Easier, Safer & Less Expensive Way to Smoke!

You achieve the same sensation by drawing on a smokeless cigarette, even the end of the cigarette glows like a real cigarette when you pull on it! There are different strengths of nicotine cartridges as well to help people of all levels to quit if they want or to simply regulate how much nicotine you need at a time.

Smokeless cigarettes are the future of smoking.  It’s your choice whether if you want to save your money and your health.

Actual User Testimonials

It doesn’t stink! I am single – and let’s face it – smelling like smoke and cigarette breath can be a major turn off! No more sneaking a cigarette followed by the perfume/breath spray maneuver! Jessica P., Gainesville, FL

‘Hey! What the heck is that?’ The airport security agent asked when he opened my smart smoker box. I held one up and smoked it! He said ‘Wow! I can’t smell anything! Go ahead!’ Jacob L., West Palm Beach, FL

I feel better. I have noticed extra energy and stamina since I started alternating between e cigs and regular cigarettes. I guess I am getting less of the ‘bad’ smoke and can feel the difference! Jerry G., Newport, RI

Mom is happy! She has been asking me to at least cut down for years. I smoked an e cigarette right in her kitchen! Her immediate angry reaction at what she thought was a cigarette turned into a giant smile when she realized it wasn’t ‘real’!! Tommy D., Hawthorne, NY

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