Electronic Cigarette Hazards – The Real Risks and Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes

Have you been hearing things in the media recently regarding electronic cigarette hazards? Did you know that most of this is in fact lies that have no true foundation! Find out now why this is and what you really need to know in regards to electronic cigarettes and any health risks they might pose.

The truth is that electronic cigarette hazards are not as serious as what many proponents of the tobacco industry would want you to otherwise believe. If you have been deterred by FDA comments that Propylene Glycol is a reason to avoid them, then they forgot to also mention it’s in food coloring which you likely consume daily, it’s also in your shampoo, cosmetic and hair products amongst other things. In fact many food products have propylene glycol simply as an ingredient.

So then why is the FDA making such a fuss over something as common and essentially harmless in comparison to tobacco? This is exactly the question you need to ask, the bottom line is that there is a great deal of corruption in the politics of big business. Big tobacco is now threatened by potentially its greatest threat of all time in electronic cigarettes.

Imagine if in 5 years 50% of smokers were onto electronic cigarettes! That would practically destroy the mega business that the tobacco companies have a hold on. They’re freaking out because they’ve finally met their match in something that’s safer yet still provides the fix from smoking. It’s because of this that the tobacco companies are heavily lobbying (also known as bribing) the law makers and FDA to ban these devices. Really when you think about it given that electronic cigarettes only present less than 1% of the risk that tobacco cigarettes do, if the FDA actually in fact cared about peoples health they would pursue looking into this instead of immediately labeling it as dangerous and trying to prevent people from accessing it.

In the end sadly it’s all about the money. That is the bottom line of it all, these are the best alternative and you should be able to use them, but if the tobacco companies get their way you might have that right taken away from you!

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